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  Meet Standards:   MIL STD 883    ASTM F1269  JEDEC JESD 22-B116  JEDEC JESD 22-B117   JEITA EIAJ ET-7407
 Suitable for Ball Shear Test  , Die Dear Test, Wire Pull Teat and SMT Shear Test
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Some Aplication in Electronic industry:
 Four Point Bend       90 Deg Peel Test         Compresson Indentation    Pin Pull test       Keypad LCD Duraability
             Oxford Instruments
X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Coating Thickness and Material Composition
Handheld Coating Thickness Gauge
OSP Thickness Measurement (Non Destructive Test)

Vibration Isolation for optical Optical Instruments, microscopes,
Measuring Inspection Tools, Hardness Tester and Lab Balances

Machinery Mounts and Vibration Isolation Systems
Active electro-pneumatic vibration isolation with up to six degrees of freedom
Membrane Air Spring
Leveling Elements
Leveling Wedges
Isolation Pad Material
Active Systems 
Foundation Systems
Isolated Tables
Top manufacturer of instruments for electronics reliability testing
Event Detectors : Continuous monitoring of Solder Joint reliability
Thermal Analyzer :Electrical method of determining Junction Temperature &
                                 Thermal Resistance
Thermal Interface Material : Measure bulk Thermal Conductivity

JEDEC And NOKIA PWB Level Drop Tester 
PCB Level Drop Tester System with Event Detector  
JEDEC PWB Level Drop tester for JESD22-B111 Standard
Board Level Drop Test Method of Components for Handheld Electronic Products
Static Solutions: Resistance and Resistivity Test Kit
Model RT1000
Designs and manufactures standard and customized environmental test chambers. Our products vary in size from small bench top test chambers to very large walk-in environmental rooms. Whether you are looking for off-the-shelf or unique test chamber solution, we can meet your needs.
Temperature/ Humidity Test Chambers
Temperature Shock Test Chambers
Liquid Shock Test Chambers
Combine Vibration Testing Chambers
Altitude Test Chamber
Ultra high Stress - HALT and HAST
Corrosion and Industrial Atmosphere
Walk-In/ Drive-In Chamber


Solid State Thermoelectric Thermal Control Unit
» Lightweight, portable thermoelectric chiller
» User friendly interface
» Universal power input
» Low power consumption
» Solid-state technology (No compressor)
» Environmentally friendly
» Leak-free disconnects
» Quiet operation
» RS-232 interface and computer software
» Non-volatile memory set temperature
» Wider temperature range of operation

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